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All wiper blades are not created equal. It’s winter. Storms have hit and more are on the way. Snow, sleet, slush, and ice are taking over the roads. Make sure your car is prepared and you and your family are totally safe every time you get behind the wheel.

Regular windshield wiper blades are not made for the harsh winter weather conditions. The rubber can get brittle and tear and the wipers can leave vision-impairing streaks on the windshield.

Signs that your blades are not cutting it:
· Skipping, streaking, splitting, and squeaking on your windshield

What makes winter blades more fit?

Stronger – to push the elements off the windshield and keep it clear
· Thicker than standard wipers
· Carry more weight

Longer-Lasting – more durable to withstand the freezing cold
· Feature tear-resistant rubber components
· Rubber shell prevents build-up of ice

Now that you’re seeing things clearly, it’s obvious that standard wiper blades just don’t cut it in harsh weather conditions. Make sure you have accounted for every piece of safety when you are driving this winter. Get your winter wiper blades installed today. Drive smart and drive safe.



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