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Customer loyalty programs can oftentimes be more of a hassle than they’re worth.

Chevy had a different idea.

They offered Chevy Truck Legends members an all-expense-paid trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to check out and test drive the new 2019 Chevy Silverado. Members thought this was too good to be true. They figured they would have to commit to purchasing a new truck or something along these lines before they could attend. They were waiting for a catch, but the catch never came.

Chevy was just gathering truck owners and guests to come visit the picturesque hills and wilderness of Wyoming and share their stories and passion of Chevy trucks. Chevy looked at the trip as a thank you to who they consider to be some of their most loyal owners. For more about the trip, visit this article.

All Chevy Truck Legends members receive exclusive Truck Legends memorabilia, including:

  • Hats
  • Chevy Truck Decals
  • Decals celebrating milestones in mileage or number of vehicles owned
  • Other exclusive benefits

Chevy expects to expand its roughly 60,000 Truck Legends members to 100,000 by year end.
For more information on how to become a Chevy Truck Legends member, visit here.

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