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Recently we have taken a deep dive into many of our new Chevy models. We explored some of the impressive intelligence, safety, and design features that Chevrolet drivers are able to take advantage of every day. Now that you know why you should drive Chevy, let’s discuss what you should do this summer with your new Chevrolet.

Load up the family, corral the dogs, stuff in all the snacks and drinks you can find, and take off for these fun summer adventures.

Here is your official Chevy Summer Checklist:

Ride onto the beach
Don’t live near a beach? Perfect. Load up the trunk with the cooler, grill, chairs, blankets, and meats to grill. Find a beach you can drive onto, lower the air pressure in the tires, and drive right out to the sandbar. Turn the music up, and put the cell phones out of site.

Nothing says summer like a crackling fire and a flaming marshmallow. Pack up the Chevy with just the essentials, and let the wilderness take care of the rest.

Star gazing
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most memorable moments. Find the perfect partner, the perfect night, and the perfect space to pull up into. Open up the sunroof, recline your seats, and enjoy!

Road trip to a park, fair, or festival
Show your new Chevy off to the whole town! Just make sure the kids finish the fried dough and cotton candy before they hop back in.

Visit family & friends
Take advantage of multiple vehicles with leading MPG efficiency. How often do you find yourself saying “it’s been too long,” to a close friend? Load up the family and hit the road. FaceTime is great, but stop resorting to it. Time for a visit!

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