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The holiday season is in full swing! Put your remote start to use and get the car nice and toasty from the comfort of your couch. Make sure those seat warmers are set on high, and that the windows are all defrosted, then pile the family into your Chevrolet, and conquer our Chevy Holiday To-Do List!

Neighborhood Lights
How about a nice evening cruise to see some holiday lights in the neighborhood? Which neighbors go above and beyond? If you don’t already know, you’ll see them from a mile away. Nothing gets everyone in the holiday spirit quite like “Silent Night” blasting through the Chevy entertainment system, and some colorful flashing lights.

Where’s the best spot in town for the kids to hop on the toboggan and go flying down a hill? Pure joy will hit their faces as the powdery snow does the same. Could be a nice excuse to take full advantage of your four-wheel drive too!

Go See Santa
No matter what the weather conditions are, no matter how much snow is falling or ice is on the roads, you can feel confident driving with the performance and safety features in your Chevrolet. No excuse can hold you back from getting your little ones on the big jolly fella’s lap and telling him what they hope to find under the tree next week!

Holiday Shopping
Last minute shopping? Of course. Enjoy the journey. Make all the rounds in your Chevrolet. Call some loved ones, listen to holiday tunes, and when it comes time to loading the gifts, you’ll have all the cargo room you need!

This year, enjoy the holiday season! Feel the spirit and be merry, driving in your Chevy. Stop by your local Chevy dealer today to hear more about our holiday deals.

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