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For Chevrolet, it’s not always about keeping up with the times, it’s about looking forward into the future. Chevrolet has been a known innovator in the production of vehicles since the beginning (way back in 1911), and that trend will stand true well into the future. But before we jump into what’s ahead, let’s take a look at some top moments in Chevrolet’s past.

  • November 3, 1911 - The Chevrolet Motor Company became incorporated with William Durrant in the lead. The cost of a brand new Chevrolet was a whopping $2,150!
  • 1914 - Chevrolet introduced a valve and head engine - something we often come across today, but back then it was an innovation.
  • 1918 - Chevrolet becomes a part of General Motors, which allowed for expansion, more factories, and a larger sales staff.
  • 1925 - More innovations are introduced such as one piece windshields, single plate clutch, 11 inch brakes, and new banjo type rear axles.
  • 1928-1928 - A brand new six-cylinder engine was released along with the option to purchase your Chevrolet in colors.
  • 1950 - Domestic production tops 2 million units for the first time ever.
  • 1997 - Profits reach $6.7 billion.

Now, looking ahead into the future, multiple investments have been made to increase a variety of production aspects. From production of heavy-duty trucks to engine components, to mid-size pickup and van improvements, Chevrolet is consistently looking ahead. Through all the ups and downs and changes in technology, Chevrolet is here to provide you with reliable, functional vehicles that exceed your expectations.

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