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Don’t Slip This Winter

Don’t Slip This Winter

The first snow has fallen in our dealership lots. We love to see the snow sparkling in our front yards, but we know we’re not the only ones who cringe when they see our vehicles frozen and covered.

Is your Chevrolet prepped for the upcoming winter months? We’re not talking loaded with ice scrapers, extra coats, and snow brushes. We’re talking about the big stuff – tires, wipers, oil changes – the things that keep you and your family safe on the unpredictable roads.

Winter Tires

Why winter tires over all-season? Winter tires are important because they’re created with superior tread patterns that are designed to help you gain traction on ice and snow with softer rubber compounds to enhance your grip.

When buying winter tires, keep in mind: 

  • Costwinter tires are an investment. Cost is dependent on your make and model, but compared to the cost of insurance claim or the difference between life and death in an accident – the tires make good sense. Winter tires also prolong the life of your regular tires. Swapping your everyday tires during the winter months, will give them some extra miles during the warmer months.

  • Storage – customers are commonly concerned about what to do with their tire in the warmer months. Tires are easily stackable in garages, sheds, etc., – don’t worry you won’t hurt them! 

  • Supply & Demand – winter tires are not produced year-round like all-season tires. Don’t wait on buying your tires. Your dealerships and tire retailers can (and it does happen) run out of specific tires. Plan and buy before the heavy snow and below freezing temperatures hit.

Winter Windshield Wipers

Thinking back on the past few winters we’ve experienced, we know the snow and ice can come quick and heavy. Traditional wipers aren’t built to combat the chunks of ice that form around their hinges, making navigating the roads extremely difficult and dangerous. This ice build up will affect your visibility, and they may ultimately stop working when you need them most. 

Benefits of winter wiper blades over traditional wipers: 

  • Greater Strength – winter wipers are built thicker and stronger. The blades have the ability to carry more weight and push the heavy ice off.

  • Hinges – winter blades are wrapped in high-grade rubber to protect the hinges and prevent the buildup of ice.

  • Stable Frame – traditional wipers are known to become bent and damage quicker due to the heavy ice destroying their frames – unlike the specially designed winter wipers.

Make sure you are fully prepared for the long winter ahead. If you have not installed your winter tires and winter wipers, your check list is still incomplete! Keep your family safe this winter as you venture through the ice and snow. Visit your local Chevy dealer today to get your winter tires and wipers installed.

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