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Peak Season – Buying a Chevy

Peak Season – Buying a Chevy

Trying to find the perfect time to lease or purchase a Chevrolet? With our available unique programs and special offers, now might just be that time. 

It’s Truck Season

The temperatures are dropping and summer has quickly transitioned to fall, but here at Chevrolet we see this time as a different type of season –Truck Season. 

Right now, Chevrolet customers choosing to lease or purchase a new Chevrolet Silverado, HD, or Colorado have the opportunity to really make this purchase their own with an extra $1,000 accessory allowance. Use this allowance toward some of our most popular vehicle accessories:

  • All-weather floor liners keep your interior protected, and are removable for cleaning.

  • Sports Bar to add an edge to the look of your new vehicle.

  • Assist Steps make a busy, in-and-out of the truck type day a little easier on you.

  • Bedliners because protecting your cargo space is as important as protecting your vehicle’s interior.

Depending on the 2022 vehicle of your choice, you could receive an extra benefit, or have the chance to choose between two.

  • 2022 Silverado 1500, receive accessory allowance plus a $500 cash allowance.

  • 2022 Silverado HD, receive accessory allowance or a $1,000 cash allowance.

  • 2022 Colorado, receive accessory allowance or a $750 cash allowance.

Chevrolet Sees Your Value

Our current special offers prove that at Chevrolet, we not only see the value of what you do, we aim to give value back to you too. See if you are eligible for one of our many special offers available now.

Chevrolet First Responder Program: All of our firefighters, police officers, 911 dispatchers, EMTs and paramedics, along with other qualifying healthcare professionals are eligible for this special First Responder Program, providing $500 bonus cash.

Chevrolet College Program: If you’re a currently enrolled college student, graduate student, or recent graduate, you are eligible for Chevrolet’s College Program. Receive your special offer on a Chevrolet vehicle, and an additional 90-day payment deferral for well-qualified buyers.

Chevrolet Educator Program: At Chevrolet, we see value in students and for those who teach them too. Our Chevrolet Educator Program thanks our educators for the work that they do, by granting bonus cash to those working in education.

Chevrolet Military Program: Our military personnel serve all of us, and Chevrolet thanks them for their service through our special Chevrolet Military Program. This inclusive package, offered to those in active duty, reservationists, National Guard members, veterans and retirees, and their sponsored spouses, includes special offers on vehicles, and additional OnStar and SiriusXM packages.  

Chevrolet Season

Whether you’re someone who qualifies for one of these special offer programs, or someone who’s decided now’s the time to take home a new Chevrolet with your added-on accessories, we trust you’ll find a Chevy vehicle that’s the match for you. Move into this next season with a brand-new Chevy, and keep finding new roads.

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