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Avoid Last Minute Stress – Prepare Your Vehicle for Holiday Travel Now!

Avoid Last Minute Stress – Prepare Your Vehicle for Holiday Travel Now!

As the holiday season begins and we get ready for the New Year, our time spent on the road often increases. Whether you’re traveling to visit family and friends, or running errands around town, you’ll want to be sure your vehicle is prepared for winter conditions. Don’t delay your winter prep, as proactive maintenance can help you avoid repairs down the road. Here are three maintenance tips to prepare your Chevrolet for holiday travel and winter terrain.


Plan your vehicle maintenance ahead, so you’re not left with a last-minute or emergency roadside fix in cold-weather conditions. Here are three areas to pay special attention to:

  • Tires: If you’ve been on the road in summer-only tires, make the switch to snow tires. It’s important to check the tire pressure once a month, so stop in for a tire maintenance visit to make sure your tires will weather our area’s winter conditions.

  • Brakes: As the roads grow slick with winter conditions like snow, sleet, ice, and more, you’ll want to feel safe on the road knowing your brakes have been inspected by a Chevrolet Certified Professional. Brake pads, rotors, and calipers must be regularly repaired or replaced and can be taken care of at your local Chevrolet Dealership. If you hear sounds like whistling, grinding, or chirping noises, these are indications your brakes are in need of an inspection!

  • Batteries: Cold winter temperatures can cause wear on your vehicle’s battery. How can you find out the condition of your battery? Schedule a battery inspection at Chevrolet to ensure you’re set for the season ahead without needing a replacement.

With routine maintenance, your vehicle will safely get you where you need to be this winter season and beyond. But why not get there in style? With Chevrolet’s available accessories, you can have the added comfort of staying clean and dry despite the season. Take a look at Chevrolet’s All-Weather Floor Liners designed for optimum coverage. With patterned grooves and lifted edges, these liners keep the snow, debris, and water away from your vehicle’s carpet, and they protect your clothing and shoes. There’s a variety of accessories available to choose from to add style and organization to your Chevrolet.

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