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Control the Road with Winter Tires

Control the Road with Winter Tires

When’s the last time you changed up your tires in preparation for the inevitable winter weather?

If you don’t switch out your standard tires for snow tires each winter, you are not doing everything within your power to be as safe as possible each time you get behind the wheel. It’s really a no brainer.

So, what’s the big difference? Why is it worth the effort?

Winter tires are made up of a more flexible material, have better grip and traction, and provide superior handling than your standard tire in winter’s worst weather conditions. You will have much better control of the vehicle and your family will be safer throughout the winter.


• Soft rubber compound stays flexible even in low freezing temperatures for better handling.


• Winter Tires have a different tread pattern than regular tires with wider grooves that lead to better traction on snow and ice filled roads.


• The flexible material and wider tread pattern lead to better overall handling for the driver in slush, snow, rain, and ice.

It’s not too late to be as safe as possible this winter. Get your winter tires installed today so you can control the road. It’s a no brainer.

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